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B is for Bravery - Creativity

Bravery may at first seem like an odd topic on a creative site, but it is surprisingly relevant, as to produce something new and fresh often requires more than a smidgen of courage.

Have you ever thought about approaching your craft in a different way - maybe a new medium of paint, new brushes, different fabric, a new glaze on your pottery?

I don’t often shoot in black and white but occasionally I do to take myself out of my comfort zone. There are many styles of photography waiting for you to explore. Be brave! You could try astrophotography, as a friend of mine did recently. He ended up winning a category in the Astrophotographer of the Year competition. What about macro photography, taking close-up photos of small subjects or, in a similar natural vein, wildlife photography? Those drawn to more urban scenes may like street photography or enjoy undertaking a project around buildings. For the really adventurous there is underwater photography with, at the opposite end of the scale, the quietness of still life and portraiture. Is your creativity inspired by nature? Try using your camera at a motor racing event or an air show. Maybe you could be adventurous and try a different process like long exposure photography or making cyanotype prints at home.

Maybe a change is as good as a rest! Only you will find the answer for you. Be brave.

Art has changed over a relatively short period of time. Turner, Seurat, Van Gogh, Dali and Hockney were all brave pioneers. They became influential as they had the courage to develop new styles of art (often in conflict with the accepted norms of their day). What helps you to step away from routine and do something new? Some suggestions:

  • A gallery tour - after all, Turner went to see Claude Lorrain at the National Gallery, and now their paintings are side by side

  • A club

  • Learning new skills via Adult Education

  • An online course

  • On-line mentoring (if you have sufficient funding)

  • Booking a day with a professional (if you have sufficient funding)

  • Printing your images or have them printed

  • Posting on social media (but don’t do it for the “like” or “loves”)

I am brave some of the time! Creating this website was a new step for me, and I have also joined a course involving mini retreats in nature.

What will you do?

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